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Exercise in lockdown doesn't HAVE to suck!

So… the gyms are shut (in England). Again.

We did this once and we can do it again etc… but it doesn’t mean we’re overjoyed about it!

If you LOVE training in a gym, then switching to going on runs or doing bodyweight workouts in your living room can feel bland to say the least. However I promise it doesn’t have to be a drag and you definitely don’t have to lose all your progress! Check out my top tips below if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get your body moving over lockdown.

Try something new

If you’re used to lifting heavy weights or using a lot of cardio machines in the gym, you won’t be able to train like normal. Which means now is a great time to try something new! If you’ve never been in to running but always been curious to find out what the appeal is (I really don’t see it, myself…) now is the time to get your trainers out and give it a go.

Always fancied yoga but never saw yourself as flexible enough? There are plenty of beginner-friendly videos on YouTube, and everyone starts somewhere!

Set yourself a challenge, or challenge a friend

If motivation and adherence are things you’re struggling to find, setting yourself a challenge to work towards can be a great idea.

Have access to a pull up bar (and resistance bands if needed)? Now is the time to up your pull up game!

Always sucked at push ups? Work on your incline and negative push ups, and see how many full push ups you can do by the end of lockdown. Not really 'on it' with your cardio? See how many burpees you can do in 5 minutes and make it your mission to get this number as high as possible. You could even challenge a friend to do the same and make it a bit of a competition!

Get involved with online workout classes

Everyone and their mum is putting out Zoom workout classes at the moment, (some are even free)! This can link into the first point about trying something new if you’re interested in a type of class you’ve never done before. Also, having a certain time to be ready to work out alongside other people (albeit virtually) could be the motivation you need, especially if you’re used to going to a lot of classes at the gym.

Like I said, tons of people are getting involved and offering these classes but to make it easy for you, below are some links to classes by people I know/trust:

The Lionz Den

Frontline Health & Fitness

Hannah Louise Jacobi


Explore somewhere new

Unfortunately this second lockdown has come at a worse time in terms of the weather and shorter days so going on walks isn’t quite as easy if you work a 9-5 – but if you can find the time to go out for a walk (either at the weekend or maybe your lunch break?) try going to somewhere new that you haven’t been before.

Luckily we are allowed to meet up with another person this time so maybe you and a friend could take it turns to come up with a different place to explore each week.

Another obvious perk of going for walks is dogs, but that probably goes without saying…

Put your favourite gym playlist on

I had underestimated the power of this on until it came to doing one of my training sessions last week. I have one album (Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles) that I listen to constantly in the gym. I really wasn’t feeling my session so I put that album on and instantly was able to channel the usual enthusiasm and intensity I would normally have for a gym session.

Next time you’re getting ready for a home workout that you’re just not really fancying, try sticking on your favourite gym playlist – it’s almost like you can trick your brain into forgetting you’re just in your living room!

I hope some of these tips are helpful. If you need a little more guidance or motivation with your training I am offering 1:1 PT via video call as well as online coaching, so drop me a message any time if you’re interested in either of these or just have a quick question!

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