about me

most PTs will tell you that they've "always had a passion for health and fitness" - obviously no shade to them, but that's just not the case for me.

i hated exercise growing up. i never liked any sports (and considering the static nature of powerlifting i'm sure a lot of people would say i still don't!)

i always viewed exercise as something you did to lose weight, to make your body look a certain way. i always hated my body and trying to engage in exercise to help me lose weight always lost its appeal VERY quickly.

i can't remember what made me walk into a gym for the first time at 20 years old, but from the very first time i picked up a pair of dumbbells i've never looked back.

no, i don't have shredded abs and yes, all my favourite food is beige. i don't look like an "after" photo on instagram. but what i do have is a passion for helping people to break up with diet culture and fall in love with movement. i never had a personal trainer when i started lifting and i wish i'd had someone like the version of myself that exists now to guide me - i'm sure i would have got a lot stronger, a lot quicker!

by training with me you'll be encouraged to stop thinking about what your body looks like and instead focus on what it can do. you'll get stronger, learn how to move with good technique, and will gain confidence both in and out of the gym.

i'll be your biggest cheerleader and your best friend as well as your training buddy. i won't make you weigh yourself or your food and i'll make sure you're involved in all decision making to do with your training - what do YOU enjoy? what are YOUR goals?

if enjoyment and positivity are things that are missing from your exercise journey i think we'll be a perfect fit - click here to book in your free consultation call and let's get started!

my qualifications

  • level 2 fitness instructor

  • level 3 personal trainer

  • level 3 pre/post-natal

  • level 1 british powerlifting coach